Beyond reckless

Tainted cake endangered both pregnant woman and her baby

Halloween isn’t for another month and a half, but a tainted treat is already causing distress.


A college student here was charged recently with giving her teacher a laxative-laced snack cake – allegedly just so the student could get out of going to class.

It worked, too – all too well: The teacher, who was pregnant, ended up with complications that threatened a miscarriage, according to the Richmond County Sheriff’s incident report.

The student, Diane Ambrose, 44, was charged with reckless conduct – but might be guilty of much more if any lasting harm comes to the mother or child.

It’s no secret that juvenile delinquents have long snickered about doing such things, though very few ever actually go through with it. But perhaps they can be easily forgiven; they are, after all, little removed from yearlings – and, to add to their infantile motivations, their presence in elementary schools is compulsory. Teacher as warden.

But Ms. Ambrose, if guilty, has no such excuse on either count. College students are supposed to be a little more invested in their education than a third-grader. Most often, college students have skin in the game – i.e., they’re paying for the privilege of going to school. Why on Earth would you consciously sabotage that?

In addition, by the age of majority, or shortly thereafter, you would think it would begin to dawn on someone that 1) education is a good thing, 2) learning is fun and 3) it’s an investment in one’s own future.

And that it’s not compulsory.

This criminal act is far beyond reckless. It’s completely, inexcusably thoughtless and mean. And, in this case, it’s dangerous to boot. Any thinking creature who has ever suffered serious intestinal distress would be cruel enough wishing it on someone else, and just plain
vicious to be the cause of it.

But to tinker thusly with a pregnant person, and risk trauma to a developing fetus, is the height of disregard for others.

Woman accused of giving tainted snack to teacher


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