Zero credibility

Mideast blundering is standard operating procedure for United Nations

President Obama’s recent assertion that he never drew a “red line” on the use of chemical weapons by Syria was a joke – literally.


His longtime champion David Letterman, in a downcast sort of way, joked that his hero had taken five years but had finally learned how to lie (although the
comedian used a less printable word).

Others in the normally sycophantic American media also had to admit, as some on CNN did, that Mr. Obama’s assertion was “disingenuous.”

At the same time, Mr. Obama claimed his credibility was just fine. It’s the world’s credibility that should be worried about, he said.

Well, his credibility is not fine, as noted above. But on his last point, we agree:

For its abject failure to deal in a peaceful but firm and united way with the evil being perpetrated by the Assad regime in Syria, the so-called “international community” has zero credibility.

In fact, it’s difficult to make a case that there even is an “international community.”

Blame Russia and China. The two regimes have thwarted any and all attempts to rein in Bashar al-Assad as he has killed over 100,000 of his own citizens and, allegedly, used horrid chemical weapons in some instances.

Assad is their boy, particularly Vladimir Putin’s.

The truth of the matter is that we’re seeing in Syria a Cold War-style proxy war in which Russia directly, and indirectly through its client state Iran, is fighting to maintain, and maybe expand, its foothold in the Mideast.

Cold War II?

Blame, too, the United Nations, which is populated with despotic, freedom-hating, America-bashing regimes, and whose structure is as outdated as the Charleston. Any one of the five permanent members of the Security Council can veto a resolution, and China and Russia have used that power to prolong the genocide in Syria.

What good are you going to get done in the world if the planet’s biggest communist regimes have a veto? It’s insane!

In almost every way, the United Nations is a miserable failure, with terrorism and genocides and nuclear proliferation multiplying right under its bloated nose. And while governments have come and gone through the years, the United Nations parties on like it’s 1945 – unreformed, unable and unmoved.

Ban Ki-moon, the secretary general of the United Nations, had to admit last week that it was guilty of a “collective failure” in Syria.

A new book alleges writer Ernest Hemingway was a spectator at firing squads in revolutionary Cuba. We don’t know about that, but if so he wouldn’t be any worse than the United Nations. President Obama has made a mess of the Syria situation – but he was handed that mess by the do-nothing United Nations, which has enjoyed a front-row seat to the slaughter.

The president has squandered his and his office’s credibility.

The “international community” never had it to begin with.



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