Bottom line

As Labor Day approached, we couldn’t help but think about Augusta employment lion Bill Hatcher, who started MAU Workforce Solu­tions in 1973 – now one of the nation’s largest independent staffing firms.

Hatcher’s far-flung company, now run by his son Randy, has found employment for hundreds of thousands. What an indescribable legacy to them and their families – the gift of a livelihood, of bread on the table, of the dignity and self-respect of hard work, of meaningful careers. He taught often desperate clients how to fish.

Job creators aren’t much in fashion today. They’re reviled by protests and politicians, and taxed and regulated almost out of existence. But businesses can be dream factories. Bill Hatcher, who passed away in July, was a dream catcher.

This newspaper and its readers knew Hatcher as a fierce patriot with values of steel and a growing concern over the trajectory of the country he loved. Our challenges are only mounting.

As Bill Hatcher knew all too well, meeting them will take a lot of work.



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