An end to an insult

America's most dishonorable soldier is finally punished

Having already slaughtered 13 of his colleagues in cold blood, treacherous turncoat Nidal Hasan now seems to have a death wish for himself.


A military jury was thankfully able to oblige him Wednesday, sentencing the reprobate to death for the 2009 Fort Hood killings of 13 and wounding of 30.

A major in the U.S. Army, Hasan made his increasing Islamic radicalism well known before, during and after his rampage – chanting the usual radical Muslim gibberish during it, and claiming later that he was defending his overseas fellow Muslims from U.S. attack.

He is without doubt the worst excuse for an American who ever donned a military uniform, and the most contemptible, vile, detestable traitor we can remember.

The only persuadable hesitation to executing this wretch is that his perverted sense of martyrdom cries out for it. You hate to give him what he wants. But the thought of him drawing tax-paid breath for decades to come is exponentially more abhorrent.

Besides, as the lead prosecutor advised the military jury, “You cannot offer what you don’t own; you cannot give away what is not yours. He can never be a martyr because he has nothing to give. ... Do not be misled, do not be confused, do not be fooled. He is not giving his life. We are taking his life. This is not his gift to God; it’s his debt to society.”

In short, Nidal, game over; you lose. You lost everything and gained nothing. You’re worse than a waste of space; you’re a misappropriation of it.

Nearly as offensive as Hasan himself is the inexcusable, repugnant manner in which the federal government has handled this case. His superiors failed utterly to flag his growing extremism, and even seemed to reward it. The military took forever to try him. An investigative report tried desperately to bleach the Islamic radicalism out of the case. And the Obama administration has insanely and contemptuously classified the brazen terrorist attack on an Army base as “workplace violence.”

As if this Army – which was actually promoting him right along – had given him anything to be disgruntled about.

The classification of workplace violence denies survivors the combat-related benefits rightfully due to any military member who comes under enemy fire.

This was enemy fire. And it’s a deliberate, un-American poke in the eye for this administration to say otherwise.

All the while, you should know that since the massacre, taxpayers have paid Hasan nearly $300,000.

The insults just keep coming.

The Hasan case also pulled back the curtain on the inanity – and risk to life and limb – of the entrenched political correctness in today’s military. Our very military that is fighting to keep us safe from such blood-thirsty demonic zealots was openly harboring one.

Have we not learned one thing from the mistakes of 9-11?

Lastly, if Nidal Hasan thinks he did his Muslim brethren any favors, he’s loonier than anyone thought. Along with his other moon-chasing nut-case radical friends, he has only besmirched one of the world’s most populous faiths. And he has made cross-cultural and interfaith reconciliation all the more difficult.

Then again, that, too, is probably what he wanted.



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