We know their type

Try not to make too much of typo on GRU diplomas
Diplomas for the 14 summer graduates of Georgia Regents University's Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences mispelled "college."

Our cartoonist, Rick McKee, had some fun with it on Thursday. That’s his job, and he’s superb at it.


And, after all, the subject matter was irresistibly rich. It seems that the diplomas for Georgia Regents University’s 14 summer graduates spelled college “colllege.”

But editorially, we just can’t give the school “L” for the mistake.

There are misspellings, and then there are typographical errors. The difference is often that one is intentional and the other is not. A misspelling can be a sign that you simply don’t know how to spell the word.

If that had been true in this case, the diplomas might have read “collage.” Now, that we’d hold up to ridicule!

Clearly, though, it was simply a typo, a finger llingering on the LL key.

Heavens, if we cann’t forgive a typo in this day and age, truly we are doomed. Everyone and their dog has a keyboard, often the size of a palm. How in the world can the over-thumbed among us be expected to type correctly on those things?

Besides, we’re awash in words. If alphabets were mined from the ground, we’d be running perilously short of letters. They’re raining down on us like water on Noah. There’s simply going to be some wayward ones. Even in newspapers, for heaven’s sake!

You could say that we’re going against type here. After all, we work hard to avoid typos, and today’s Internet fashion of abbreviating and
eviscerating words drives us purists up the wall.

But writers have to stick up for their type. You won’t find a baseball pitcher criticizing another for walking a batter. It happens. And while we’ll cringe for them, we won’t reprove the proofers.

Even as typos go, GRU’s wasn’t even all that embarrassing or farcical.

A momentary brain lapse can be much more mortifying – such as when the Associated Press tried to refer to a woman as a socialite and it came out as “socialist.”

Or like when actor Rob Lowe took to Twitter to upbraid a reporter for improper English – but spelled it “grammer.”

He apparently never went to collage.

GRU grads get new diplomas after college misspelled
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