Wake up, the nightmare's over

Football is around the corner, and the Border Bash leads the way

Once again, with apologies to President Gerald Ford: Our long national nightmare is over. Football is nigh.

It’s a dream come true for fans of America’s most popular sport, particularly here in the Southeast. Five of the country’s preseason Top 10 college football teams are from the Southeastern Conference. Alabama comes in at No. 1, with Georgia at No. 5, followed by Texas A&M, South Carolina and Clemson at sixth, seventh and eighth.

Nor could the football world ask for much more than this: No. 5 Georgia’s first two games? They’re against No. 8 Clemson and No. 7 South Carolina.

And, as always, the biggest and best tailgate party for the Georgia-Carolina game will be “Border Bash” on the Augusta Common Sept. 6, a charity fundraiser the Chronicle is thrilled to sponsor. With the two teams this good, the family-friendly party will be all the better.

For football fanatics, it’s a long, hard, hot slog to kickoff. It’s nearly here.


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