American coronation

Media, government combine to pave way for Hillary Clinton

The line of succession to the British monarchy was a hot topic recently with the birth of a new royal.


Likewise, the news and entertainment media in this country are attempting to establish a line of succession to the White House for Democrats.

Next up: Hillary Clinton, who is apparently the heiress apparent to the Democratic throne, otherwise known as the Oval Office.

NBC is planning a four-hour miniseries on Mrs. Clinton, to air before the 2016 presidential election, just in case the news media haven’t puffed up her legend enough by then.

Another film called Rodham is planned, and is being penned by screenwriter Courtney Hunt, who columnist John Fund notes “is known in Hollywood as an admirer of Hillary Clinton’s.”

When was the last time the media did anything remotely resembling that for a rising Republican star?

These are not small or petty considerations. We’re talking about the next leader of the free world.

It’s alarming the extent to which it all resembles a middle school class president selection process. It’s all personality driven. Never mind what they would do in office or what their beliefs and ideologies are. Why not drop all pretense and just have People magazine moderate the presidential debates?

The cult of personality is what drives leadership decisions in Third World faux democracies. But it is increasingly taking over American politics.

Like a superstorm, in which several meteorological events come together as one, the media’s attempt to create a Democratic line of succession is combining forces with the Obama administration’s singular purpose: that of coalescing power into a one-party permanent ruling majority.

Mr. Obama and his advisers are using every device, every agency of government, to create that Democrat caliphate, from the IRS to the Department of Justice and more. They’re using the IRS to impede conservative groups, while using federal money to bankroll Obama supporters’ schemes such as Solyndra.

Ignoring even a Supreme Court ruling, the Department of Justice is going after Texas for its efforts to prevent voter fraud – while pushing immigration reform intended mostly to legitimize millions of new Democratic voters overnight.

Not content with blue and swing states, this administration is attempting to turn even Texas from red to blue.

This administration is term-limited. What won’t end in 2016 is the news and entertainment media’s complicity in trying to create a permanent Democrat ruling party.

The NBC miniseries won’t cover Mrs. Clinton’s early career – or the fact that Democrats working on the Watergate committee found her work there so disreputable that she was fired. Nor will it cover her many other scandals, including Whitewater, “Filegate,” missing law firm billing records and more.

It will be interesting to see how NBC does treat the Benghazi scandal. Mrs. Clinton is neck-deep in it. Her department failed to adequately protect our outpost in the Libyan city, despite repeated and plaintive cries to do so. Then, when terrorists attacked last Sept. 11 and killed four Americans, including our ambassador, she was neck-deep in the cover-up – claiming publicly that the attack was the spontaneous outgrowth of an organic street protest that got out of hand. The protest, she and others in the administration claimed, was over an anti-Islam Internet video. They even jailed the video’s producer to complete the ruse.

Only later were they forced to admit there never was such a protest.

Then, worst of all, Mrs. Clinton ginned up hyped indignation to angrily cry to Congress that what caused the deaths of four Americans doesn’t matter.

It matters to us. It should matter to you. It should matter in presidential politics. And you would think it would matter to the media, which are responsible for holding our government accountable and for accurate recordings of history.



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