'Phony' indignation

Obama dishonors office, insults you, with cynical scandal claim

Words cannot approach the point of describing our profound and fathomless contempt for this White House’s cynical attempt to brand its many outrageous scandals as “phony.”


It’s simply one of the lowest ebbs in presidential history.

Someone somewhere in the dark recesses of this administration – perhaps the same person who wrote the fairy tale about the video protest in Benghazi that supposedly took place (but never did) before four Americans were killed there – concocted without doubt the most contemptuous talking point ever.

The president’s marionette Jay Carney might be laughed off for such pitiable mockery, but the president lowered himself to that level as well.

Phony, Mr. President? Phony? How dare you, sir. You debase the highest office in the land.

A slain Border Patrol agent – murdered as a result of your administration’s “Fast and Furious” scandal, in which your minions purposely let high-powered weapons “walk” into the hands of ultra-violent drug cartels? Then a cover-up, stretching to the president himself?

Tell the family of Brian Terry that it’s a “phony” scandal.

An unforgivable failure of security when terrorists attacked our outpost in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9-11 last year and killed four Americans – and then that fairy tale that an anti-Islam Internet video caused it? Then a cover-up to protect whoever fabricated that bald-faced lie?

Tell the families of the Benghazi dead and wounded that it’s a “phony” scandal.

A naked partisan political attack by the IRS on conservative groups, harassing and stonewalling them for several years – at just the right time to diminish their effectiveness before the 2012 election?

Ask the many good, patriotic Americans who took time out of their lives and their livelihoods to contribute to their country’s civic and financial health – and had their country smack them down for their trouble – if this is a “phony” scandal.

When Barack Obama did it, “community organizing” was nearly worthy of canonization. Now, when conservatives do it, they’re an enemy to be stopped by any means necessary – including the politicization of just about every federal agency on record.

Then there’s the Department of Justice spying on news organizations and the National Security Agency spying on all Americans. The latter has become an international scandal, with European leaders jittery and Europeans angry and in the streets. Ask them if it’s a “phony” scandal.

It’s worth noting that any of these scandals by themselves, in any other presidency, would have been stand-alone disasters that might have proved fatal to the administration.

Not with this crew. There are just so many insults and outrages emanating from this condescending crowd that the scandals are hard to keep track of and to keep forefront.

Fact is, they’re banking on that, as well as on our fast-paced distracted living, on a disinterested lapdog liberal media, and on the mere passage of time to help them get away with all these blatant affronts to your intelligence.

The only thing transparent about this self-described “most transparent administration ever” is the increasingly
petulant, insulting manner in which it stoops to slap Americans in the face.

The only phony aspect of this is the beyond-offensive talking points coming out of this White House.

“My son is dead. How could that be phony?” says Patricia Smith, whose son Sean died in the Benghazi attack.

That massive thud you hear is this country hitting a new low.



Tue, 11/21/2017 - 23:52

Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon