Less talk, more action

As Obama chats up the economy, what is he actually doing?

Barack Obama loves to show off his basketball prowess now and then. His favorite move on the court: the pivot.


The Wall Street Journal wrote this past week that “President Obama made his fourth or fifth, or maybe it’s the seventh or eighth, pivot to the economy on Wednesday.” By another reporter’s count, the president has pivoted to supposedly make the economy a priority 19 times now.

That’s a lot of talk with very little action. If it’s really a priority, why must the topic be pivoted to so much?

What it all means to you is that this president is more concerned with using the sputtering economy as a talking point to occasionally change the subject. And to somehow blame Republicans for his record.

In short, Barack Obama has seen his track record, and he’s not going to take it anymore!

Mr. Obama claimed in his latest pivot to the economy that he wants to work with Republicans to get things going. But skipping out of Washington to make empty campaign-style, beat-opponents-over-the-head speeches won’t get the job done on jobs.

Mr. President, for goodness’ sake, you are term-limited; stop campaigning and start governing! Meet with Congress and find some common ground on the economy. Hyperpartisan speeches with whiny complaints about duly elected opponents, and absolutely no new proposals, may move left-wing audiences but they won’t move the needle on the economy.

“We have a president who loves to give campaign speeches to adoring crowds, but who doesn’t seem to have much interest in governing,” observes columnist Michael Barone.

Perhaps the president realizes the truth: that his own policies of mushrooming regulations and soak-the-wealthy class warfare are holding the economy back, and that what we need is less regulation, stable or lower tax rates and more certainty on both regulations and taxation.

Obamacare is a proven job killer, and the worst of it hasn’t even been implemented. How can it not be a job killer? It disincentivizes business growth and having full-time workers, and is raising the costs of health insurance drastically. It’s so ominous that Obama had to delay full implementation of it until 2015 – and even his hard-left union friends are sending up warning flares about Obamacare’s potential to destroy the middle class.

Mr. Obama’s much-vaunted “economic” speech was more about how to distribute the pie, rather than how to grow it for everyone.

“For four and a half years,” The Wall Street Journal notes, “Mr. Obama has focused his policies on reducing inequality rather than increasing growth. The predictable result has been more inequality and less growth. ...

“(T)he striking fact of the Obama economy is that median real household income has fallen even during the recovery.”

Honest historians will someday wonder – as many of us already do – how in the world America re-upped for more of this misery. Mr. Obama may not have caused the recession, but he owns the most dismal “recovery” in American history, and his policies appear aimed at keeping America down.

That, after all, is the very definition of the socialism/communism this president was suckled on: You don’t throw open the door to opportunity and let people run free; no, you try to rig the race so everyone ends up at the finish line at the same time. Of course, entire nation-states have been erected, and subsequently fallen, on that arrogant government-knows-best folly.

Being an inveterate sports fan, you would think the president would appreciate the beauty of a system based on merit and individual ability, achievement and reward.

Why is a meritocracy in sports a good thing, but not elsewhere?



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