Bottom line

It must have been a fairly remarkable crash to see. A driver attempting to elude deputies Thursday night was said to flip his car six times at 7th and Broad, in the heart of downtown Augusta.


You’d be hard-pressed to accomplish that at 25 mph, and indeed, he was being pursued after careening some 90 mph on Laney Walker Boulevard.

Have you ever gone that fast even on a deserted interstate?

If this stunning wreck – calling it an “accident” is far too laudatory – had happened in a NASCAR race, footage of it would be all over the television.

The driver is lucky to be alive – and just as lucky that the law likely won’t punish him as much as it should.

We think fleeing motorists who take other people’s lives and possessions into their hands ought to be hammered by the law nearly as spectacularly as they were negligent. We think it ought to bring serious prison time.

We’re told by a criminal justice system friend that there is a relevant statute in Georgia law, and that “it can have teeth depending on (the) circumstances.”

Let’s hope so, but we’ll remain skeptical. Often the loopholes in such laws are big enough to flip your car through six times.



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