Riveting? No

But is it time to seek common ground on abortion? Yes

Of all the issues you could inject overheated rhetoric into, you wouldn’t think abortion would be one of them. The issue has been a boiling pot of hyperbole for decades. How much more overstatement is possible?


But lo and behold, about the Texas abortion law battle the Los Angeles Times wrote that a recent legislative vote there “riveted the nation.” Politico.com added that it “captivated the nation.”

Really? You mean families gathered around the morning paper to see what happened in Austin on the abortion issue?

Good grief. This isn’t hyperbole now, it’s hysteria.

Besides, this country has seen the Internal Revenue Service used as a jackhammer against conservative groups and has learned in recent months that everyone is being spied on – and life has gone on as before. And we’re supposed to believe a legislative vote in Texas “riveted the nation”?

What it did was provide the national media with another opportunity to take its liberal bias out for a spin. They’re characterizing the Texas bill as some kind of draconian assault – and they’ve jumped at the chance to make the bill’s most prominent opponent, Democrat state Sen. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth, a superstar for her recent filibuster against the bill.

As for the liberal spin, it’s positively dizzying: Political commentator Bill Maher derisively called Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster over the use of drones against Americans a “quiet coup” – but called Davis’ filibuster “heroic.”

And now the media are cheerleading speculation that Davis can parlay her battle for abortion into a gubernatorial bid in the Lone Star state.

Of all the issues to base a political career on, preserving the ability to exterminate babies in the womb at any time for any reason is a dubious one.

In truth, the bill – which passed the Texas House on Wednesday and could be up for a vote in the state’s Senate as early as today – would merely set a limit of 20 weeks on abortion.

It’s interesting that many of the same political stripe that would love to dump the Second Amendment right to bear arms – which actually is in the Constitution – nonetheless bitterly fight any restrictions on abortion – which is not in the Constitution.

Having said that, isn’t it time both sides started working together to reduce the number of abortions, particularly late-term? Rather than everyone running to the Alamo to make a stand, can’t we find some common ground?

We find it difficult to believe Ms. Davis or her supporters
actually would celebrate the death of an unborn baby. Or that they favor killing a 21-week-old fetus out of sheer convenience.

For that matter, it’s beyond us how pro-choice advocates can’t bring themselves to the only logical conclusion about what that fetus is. Does it ever turn out to be anything but a human being?

This page is unabashedly pro-life. We believe that human life is a gift from God, and therefore is sacred. But surely there are some things that fair-minded liberals could agree with us on. We would suggest that the horrors of late-term abortion and partial-birth abortion are a couple of them. And that babies born during botched abortions should be protected from being murdered – as they were so coldly and gruesomely killed at the late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia clinic.

We hardly think the Texas debate has riveted a distracted and complacent nation. But it has made for great political theater. All the while, innocent lives are being snuffed out.

No one should be in favor of that.