Bottom Line --Terror mom

The mother of the two Boston bombing suspects provides an eerie eye into a dark and disturbing world – one of hatred, irrationality, caprice and world-class delusion.


The woman – at the moment, the most offensive excuse for a childbearing vessel we can think of – ludicrously claims the marathon bombings and ensuing madness that killed four and injured 282 others was all a ruse, staged with red paint. She also laments that “America took my kids away from me.”

Never mind the sheer offensiveness of that, coming from the mother of apparent bloody terrorists. Just consider the unequaled irrationality of it.

Oh, and the fact that her surviving little darling has told investigators he and his brother had hoped to bomb Times Square too. Some ruse.

Then again, this is a woman who, herself, was in the terror database and is wanted for shoplifting. Some example.

How can you deal with people so full of bile and detached from reality?