Blame America first?

Government's bombing investigation instills little confidence

It’s weird. And more than a little unsettling.


The federal government 1) seems intent on proving the Boston bombers acted alone and 2) has taken steps to ensure we’ll get as little information out of the surviving suspect as possible.

Meanwhile, folks on the left continue to try to blame America for the bombing.

It appears the United States isn’t as unified now as after the 2001 attacks – and, quite honestly, we don’t have the same confidence that our government is doing what it can to protect us.

When the Obama administration decided to read the surviving suspect his Miranda rights, for instance – rather than question him at length as an enemy combatant – that pretty much assured we won’t get whatever public safety information we might have.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says he has no problem sending the suspect to federal court, but that he should’ve been questioned as an enemy combatant first. Prosecutors can’t use, but won’t need, the information that could be gleaned from such interrogations, Graham argues.

The Obama administration has now thrown away that opportunity.

Some even suspect the government is hiding a possible suspect in the form of the Saudi student who was tackled at the bombing scene and who was first a person of interest, then a witness, then some sort of victim.

We don’t know if that’s true, but neither is the administration filling us with confidence. When Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., asked about reports that the Saudi student was being quickly spirited home, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano angrily – and imperiously – denied knowledge of it and indignantly refused to “dignify” the congressman’s questions with an answer.

You would think more cooperation would be in order at a time such as this. Authorities have urged us to speak up if we see something suspicious – but they’re not quite as forthcoming with us.

And why are they so eager to proclaim that the Brothers Tsarnaev had no help, no ties to Islamic terrorists? How can they be so sure this soon, particularly when they’re only now starting to investigate the older brother’s unexplained six-month expedition to Russia last year – after, mind you, Russian authorities had actually warned the U.S. long ago that he may have terrorist ties or intentions.

Shouldn’t they just go where the investigation leads them, rather than put a conclusion out there ahead of time?

Are they trying to tamp down evidence that the Obama administration’s view of the war on terror – that there really isn’t one – is incorrect and even foolhardy? Are they bending over backward to protect the image of Islam?

Shouldn’t their highest priority be protecting Americans?

Forgive Americans for having a trust issue with this administration: After the deadly attacks on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, last year, the administration lied about the origin of it – and has kept a lid on the scandal ever since.

After 9-11, the Bush administration did a lot of things that folks on the left didn’t like. But there was never any question what their priorities were. And the critics’ biggest knock on Bush is that he may have done too much to protect the homeland.

Today, we frankly worry that the Obama administration is so tied up in political correctness and its own narrative about the war on terror – it once tried to banish the term – that they will do too little to protect us.

Meanwhile, liberals such as former NBC news anchorman Tom Brokaw even seem to blame America for the Boston bombing, noting our use of drones and America’s overall “presumptuousness.” Would they also argue that a battered woman must look in the mirror to see what she’s done to bring on the abuse? Not likely.

Even if our use of drones was a stimulus, was there not also a stimulus for the drones? Who attacked whom first?

Moreover, Canadian authorities more or less blew up Mr. Brokaw’s blame-America-first reasoning with the arrest of suspects in a bombing plot there this week.

Or perhaps Mr. Brokaw feels the Canadians should now ponder what they, too, have done to bring terror upon themselves?