Bottom Line -- First Tee

Masters visitors in the mood to hit the course themselves may find it crowded – if they can get on at all.

For them – or for those who have tee times later in the week but want to shake some rust off – the First Tee of Augusta features a smart six-hole course that’s open to the public, insanely affordable and not nearly as crowded as the big courses are this week.

The first-come-first-serve First Tee is adjacent to the municipal course and to the city’s secondary airport Daniel Field, on Damascus Road just down from Wrightsboro Road. It costs but $8 to walk and $13 to ride, and has a great driving range.

You’ll also be helping a nonprofit that teaches golf and its many fortifying life lessons to youths around the world who might not otherwise have ever stepped foot on a course.

For more information call (706) 364-4653.


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