What the world needs

Pope Francis' humility, simplicity makes him an ideal emissary of peace

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has only one healthy lung. Yet he’s been a leading voice for the poor and downtrodden, particularly in his native Argentina.


The first pope to hail from outside Europe in some 1,300 years, Pope Francis, as he asked to be known, seems an impeccable, even exciting choice to head the Catholic church – and to be one of the world’s leading voices for peace.

As much as any leader we’ve heard of, Pope Francis has followed in Jesus’ steps. He has washed the feet of AIDS patients; he eschewed a chauffeur and rode the bus to work; and as a Jesuit, he’s taken a vow of poverty and dedicated his life to serving the less fortunate.

Even after his ascension to the papacy, he
quietly went back to his residence to pick up his few belongings and pay his bill, before stopping by a church to pray with little fanfare. After his election, he chose to greet cardinals while standing, instead of on a throne. When he was made a cardinal, he bypassed the usual fancy vestments and asked his sister to make him some.

Well, the word “trappings” does start with “trap.”

A man of ultimate humility and brotherhood could be just what the world needs at this



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