More solutions, less nonsense

Obama administration polluted with troubling policy moves

We don’t disagree with the Obama administration that the preemptive killing of terrorists overseas – even if they are American citizens – is “a legitimate act of national self-defense that would not violate the assassination ban.”


But this is the same administration that claims the “waterboarding” of terror suspects is wrong.

So it’s morally wrong to put their heads under water for information – some even claimed it’s a war crime – but perfectly OK to kill them in drone attacks?

The odd and troubling inconsistencies and utter nonsense in this administration’s policies just keep coming.

The president has claimed for years now that the economy is Job One. But if you watch the news, you know better.

The president just laid off his much-vaunted “Jobs Council” – a committee of business and labor experts tasked with coming up with ideas to get the economy going again.

The group was a Potemkin village all along – a cynical, empty attempt to impress, to give the illusion of movement. The group met twice in four years, and not at all in the past year.

It would be a joke, but when unemployment claims are up and millions are out of work – and the economy is perilously close to another recession – it’s not funny. Clearly, the economy is not Job One with this president.

Now, instead of actually making the economy Job One, the administration is going to the mat for gun control legislation that doesn’t have a prayer of reducing violence – essentially going after law-abiding gun owners and would-be owners, who are the only ones that would obey the law, as criminals by definition do not.

In addition, the health-care law will also sic the IRS on law-abiding citizens, to make sure they buy government-approved health care.

Meanwhile, thugs are making the president’s adopted home town of Chicago a killing field – so much so that the Rev. Jesse Jackson urged the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to start patrolling Chicago streets.

Notwithstanding the illegality of such a request – the Posse Comitatus Act prohibits such a federal intrusion in enforcing state laws – it shows you how out of control the violence is in American cities. And yet, the big push is for gun control that would have next to nothing to do with making city streets safer. The guns Mr. Obama is after are very rarely used in crime.

Instead of showing some leadership on the real problem – which is naked criminality and feral youths wandering America’s cities – Mr. Obama was busy campaigning this week – again – for his irrelevant gun proposals in Minnesota.

We would respectfully suggest, again, that the president stop campaigning and start leading.

Either work with mayors and governors to find real solutions to big-city violence, or start working with Congress on the economy and the budget. One might be able to do both, if taking fewer cross-country trips for chronic campaign appearances.

Consider: The same day the president was in Minnesota, he missed a legal deadline back in Washington to file his federal budget blueprint. For the third time.

In addition, a report at this week says Democrats in Congress are frustrated, even exasperated, that the president seems to have no interest in working with them on the country’s problems.

You read right. Even Democrats are throwing their hands up with this president.

“Democrats say they almost never hear from Obama personally, haven’t been to the White House since Rahm Emanuel was still chief of staff ...” Politico writes, and one prominent Democrat who recently spoke to a group of congressional Democrats “came away stunned at their anger toward a president they hardly know.”

The U.S. presidential election system has come to reward the best campaigners – but not necessarily those who govern best. Mr. Obama is the best campaigner we’ve yet seen in this country, but he never stops campaigning.

The economy and the federal budget, with its continued deficits, await in Washington, Mr. President, and America’s cities could use some leadership in tackling violence.

These problems cry out for solutions, not speeches.



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