Oh, say can you sing?

Lip synching is a form of fraud, unworthy of an inauguration

We agree with those who say there are infinitely more important things to be talking about than whether singer Beyonce faked her singing of the National Anthem at the presidential inauguration.


But to say it doesn’t matter at all is to say that virtually nothing matters anymore. And we reject that categorically.

After several weeks of debate in which experts were even called in to determine whether Beyonce was indeed lip synching, she finally ended the mystery and admitted she did – but promised she would actually sing it live for Sunday’s Super Bowl.

It probably never would’ve been an issue if Beyonce’s performance hadn’t been universally celebrated as outstanding.

“Beyonce Sings Stirring National Anthem at Barack Obama Inauguration,” a People magazine headline blared.

“Beyonce hits a high note with her moving national anthem,” read another in the Daily Mail of London.

Sorry if you think this is much ado about nothing – but a U.S. presidential inauguration is one of the biggest stages in the world. And what she did was perpetrate a hoax – and admittedly because she hadn’t rehearsed enough.

Frankly, we think performers – particularly at paid concerts – ought to be required by law to announce if they’re lip-synching. To do it without telling fans is nothing short of fraud.

Some of us remember lip synching to songs in grade school talent shows.

That’s where it belongs.



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