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'60 Minutes' softball toss to Obama a 'grotesque embarrassment'

The over-the-top, irrational hatred of Fox News, particularly by those who never watch it, isn’t quite understandable, but it’s somewhat explainable.


Liberals who dominate most traditional news media – CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, NPR and most newspapers – “can’t stand the fact that they no longer have a monopoly,” syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said the other day.

The founders of Fox, he said, found a “niche” in broadcasting: half the American people – “the half that have suffered for decades” from getting only one slant on the world, a liberal one.

It’s interesting, too, adds fellow conservative Jonah Goldberg, that rich liberals looked at that overwhelmingly liberal media lineup and said, “Hey, we need another network to the left of MSNBC.” So they created the far-left Current TV, which has been gobbled up by Al-Jazeera, the leading Arab network.

If money and audience drove such decisions, they might have created a conservative competitor to Fox, which tramples all the liberal outlets in ratings. But today’s broadcast media aren’t in a money or ratings war; they’re in an ideological war. And their commander in chief is Barack Obama.

Consider the lengths CBS alone has been willing to go to in order to prop up Obama: They’ve now sullied the 60 Minutes brand with a “grotesque embarrassment” of an interview, as Goldberg puts it, of Mr. Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Amazingly, the interviewer, Steve Kroft, explained that Obama chose to go onto 60 Minutes because “I think he knows that we’re not going to play gotcha with him.” That’s interesting, since that’s precisely why politicians used to avoid going on the show – because they knew the questioning would be tough and relentless. Now, a 60 Minutes star is actually touting the opposite! And, indeed, the interview was bereft of any real journalism, and was even a bit fawning.

Writing in The Atlantic, journalism commentator Conor Friedersdorf called it “another softball interview with the most powerful man in the world, a performance that ought to earn (Kroft) a rebuke from his peers in the news business but almost certainly won’t.”

Comparing the questions asked, Friedersdorf even suggests Comedy Central network was tougher on Obama than 60 Minutes.

What a disgrace for a formerly proud broadcast news magazine. Even National Public Radio liberal Mara Liasson concluded, “It was a kind of puff piece exit interview pat-on-the-head for Hillary. (Kroft) played along, from what we could tell.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama again has tried to demonize the only major news outlet that won’t genuflect to him, Fox News. In an interview in the far-left New Republic magazine, he claimed Republicans in Congress feel “punished” on Fox and on talk radio for making deals with Democrats.

That’s not only silly – it was Republicans who caved on tax increases in the latest budget deal, while Democrats yieled no ground on spending – but in keeping with Obama’s modus operandi of trying to silence opposition. He once tried to claim Fox wasn’t even a news outlet, and has tried to limit its access to White House news. Even CNN stuck up for Fox at that point.

We find the rabid complaints about Fox to be specious and unsubstantiated. It’s unseemly, and quite beneath a president of the United States, to be leading the harangue, especially when he’s getting treated to such puffery from other outlets.

We need Fox News and talk radio just to come close to balancing the flattery from the toadies in the Fawn News.