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Teacher sues school district over her phobia of kids. Really!

It’s not quite a sign of the “Pockylips,” as our publishing friend Barry Paschal likes to put it. But a former teacher’s lawsuit claiming she’s been afraid of kids all these years is definitely a statement about America.


The longtime Cincinnati teacher, who’d taught high school Spanish and French since 1976, claims she was forced to retire for health reasons after the district transferred her to a middle school in 2009 – triggering her phobia of little creatures.

She claims her “pedophobia” is a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

“Am I the only one who thinks that anyone with pedophobia should have never become a teach(er) in the first place?” asks one online commenter.

Well, no. We were wondering the same thing. It’s like someone with an allergy to chocolate working at a chocolate factory for several decades and then complaining to the owner that there’s actually chocolate in the building. And then suing for damages.

The district says she was transferred because the French curriculum at the high school was going online and they coincidentally needed a Spanish teacher at the middle school.

We have no doubt she may prevail. The ADA requires employers to make “reasonable accommodations.” Time was when employees did the same!

And time was when Americans would try to overcome their fears. Now we try to make others pay for them.



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