Time now to eradicate hate

Murder of polio volunteers shows need for worldwide campaign

Americans know full well the depth of venom in the souls of radical Muslims. But here’s a new low.


Radical Muslims have been killing volunteers who have been going door to door to immunize Pakistan’s children against the polio virus.

Just before Christmas, the United Nations was forced to suspend the polio eradication program there, after a ninth volunteer died from an attack. Pakistan has since quietly resumed limited vaccinations – sadly enough, under armed protection.

Five of the nine killed were women – a fact that was no doubt of extra gratification to the female-loathing wretches.

This, then, is the lowest form of life – those who would murder, in cold blood, someone who was struggling at great personal sacrifice to save someone else’s children from the ravages of a paralyzing disease. This is the same sort of reprobate that flies a packed airliner into a crowded office building.

Why should you care about the polio murders? Two reasons.

First, if polio is allowed to remain anywhere on Earth, it’s a threat to the planet as a whole. That can’t be allowed to happen if we can avoid it. And Pakistan leads the world in new cases.

And second, the killing of
angels anywhere should be cause for concern everywhere.

If the world does nothing else in the year to come, may it
finally unite to eradicate not just polio, but the kind of vile, malignant hatred being passed down in so many misbegotten hearts.

It is fairly certain, sad to say, that if we mobilized volunteers to go door to door to immunize children against odious hatred, they, too, would be subject to slaughter. But as much as anything, humanity’s task in 2013 must be to start the hate-eradication process in earnest.

Those whose bile runs as deep as to strike down the angels in their midst must be stopped – and new generations of them cannot be allowed to rise up. Children cannot be suckled at the breast of xenophobia, racism, sexism and the abject hatred of other religions. The world’s young cannot continue to be indoctrinated into the school of mass malice.

The United Nations would do well to make the eradication of hatred its singular, undying focus. It should not abide member states whose schoolchildren are taught to hate. It can no longer provide a safe haven to those nation-states that provide safe havens for hate and war.

The world must commit to ending hatred and the killing of innocents.

If only there were a vaccine for it. Alas, turning the hearts of men will be even more difficult than eradicating a virus.

Isn’t it time we focused on it?

Remember the angels of Pakistan. Perhaps we should dedicate 2013 to them.

We talk of guardian angels, particularly at this time of year. We often pray to the angels for protection. Now it’s time for us to protect them.



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