What accountability?

Damning Benghazi report nonetheless goes easy on those responsible

One gets the sense that the authors of a State Department report on the Benghazi terrorist attack were being – well, diplomatic.


And still it’s positively damning.

In dry and almost gentle terms, the report blames the State Department itself for unforgivably lax security at our embassy in Benghazi, Libya, before the Sept. 11, 2012, attack there that killed four Americans. The report even cites the fact that prior security concerns should have set off alarms in people’s heads, though the report for some unknown reason suggests no disciplinary action.

We would not have been as diplomatic.

The report confirms that the State Department failed utterly to protect our people in Benghazi – and further, that the story the Obama administration repeatedly told of a spontaneous protest outside the embassy leading up to the attack was pure fiction. It simply didn’t happen.

Administration officials tried to scapegoat an American filmmaker whose anti-Islam Internet video they tried to blame for the terrorist attack.

In short, government failures helped lead to four dead Americans, and the government then proceeded to lie through its teeth to us.

In its conclusions if not its language, then, the report is a naked condemnation of this government’s actions in the tragic episode.

Just one example of the report’s overly delicate language is its finding of “a pervasive realization among personnel who served in Benghazi that the Special Mission was not a high priority for Washington when it came to security-related requests, especially those relating to staffing.”

“Not a high priority”? Why is this report written with such kid gloves? We’d put it differently. Through active negligence, this administration threw its people in Benghazi to the wolves.

The “Accountability Review Board” that authored the report gives the administration little more than a pat on the head and a wag of the finger, and cover for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to issue this kind of milquetoast response to a report on a disaster involving four American deaths:

“The Accountability Review Board report provides a clear-eyed look at serious, systemic challenges that we have already begun to fix. I am grateful for its recommendations for how we can reduce the chances of this kind of tragedy happening again. I accept every one of them.”

How sickeningly devoid of regret or recrimination. How soulless and hopelessly, bureaucratically, coldly dismissive.

We get that the “mainstream” media had no taste for this scandal. This is, after all, a Democrat president. But this report also seems oddly content to drop the issue. If the authors had their way, no one – no one – would be held accountable, either for the failures in Benghazi or the “protest” fairy tale that someone dreamed up out of nowhere in Washington.

The State Department did finally force resignations on four officials Wednesday, but acknowledged that some of them may simply be reassigned.

Do abject failures and bald-face lying no longer matter?

Except in Orwellian terms, how can a report by an “Accountability Review Board” be completely lacking in accountability? How can such a report be issued without use of the word “disgrace”?



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