Superstars vs. Superstorms

Real stars of the Sandy concert were people who cared enough to give

Few things are better than seeing folks, particularly the highly talented and sought-after, using their God-given skills to help others.


Indeed, it’s become a beautiful tradition in the world of music for singers to band together in benefit concerts to send relief to disaster areas.

A world-class roster of rockers did just that recently with a six-hour Madison Square Garden concert for Superstorm Sandy victims, which raised some $30 million for the area still struggling from the hurricane’s days-long Sherman-like march of destruction.

Such concerts boast an international flavor, with this one featuring one British act after another, including the Rolling Stones and The Who, as well as Paul McCartney.

Organizers promised swift transfer of the $30 million to those who need it.

In truth, while it’s the rockers who stole the spotlight, it’s really the audience that makes the show. These great talents strut their stuff on stage to get your attention; it’s no good unless you react by giving of yourself.

It’s the faceless crowd that’s the real star.

But that’s America. That’s what we do. No country in the world has the heart for charity that America does. Someone was just marveling to us the other day about how many charitable organizations there are in Augusta alone.

Their talent, your treasure.

How’s a superstorm supposed to compete with that?


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