What about the victims?

Miranda rights don't abrogate your responsibility to humanity

The so-called “Miranda” warning advises criminal suspects of their rights under the law.


We may need a corresponding “Humanity” warning to advise them of their responsibilities under basic decency.

Nothing in the Miranda warning, after all, tells you that you can’t cooperate with police. Nothing in it tells you that you can’t help officers get to the bottom of a crime. Nothing in it tells you that you can’t do the right thing.

Forget your rights for a minute. What about your responsibilities?

The driver of the vehicle that hit three others while traveling the wrong way on the divided Riverwatch Parkway on Monday, and put six people in the hospital, was said to be not cooperating with sheriff’s deputies investigating the incident this week.

Nice. First you cause an accident that tears up three other vehicles and injures five other people, two of them critically, then you don’t cooperate?

What about their rights? Don’t you think innocent victims have a right to know what in the world happened and why? Or are they and the rest of the traveling public just going to have to play Miranda guessing games?

Why in the world would a driver blow past warning signs and up an exit ramp into oncoming cars – and reportedly at a high rate of speed? And in broad daylight?

A person who does such a thing ought to be remorseful and cooperative, damn the consequences. They ought to own up to what happened and let the chips fall where they may.

How can someone endanger so many lives and put so many people in the hospital and not help authorities figure out what happened?

Forget your Miranda rights, if that’s the holdup. What about your responsibilities under “Humanity”?



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