A nation mourns

Deadly shooting at Connecticut school touches hearts all over

Many of our best qualities are most in evidence in childhood.


We’re excited and excitable, curious, adventurous, unconditionally loving, quick to forgive, oblivious to subtle slights, unafraid to the point of recklessness – basically in love with life.

When life is so stretched out before such an exuberant, wide-eyed and open-hearted creature, nothing could knife through the soul quite like seeing that thing of such beauty and limitless promise cut down at an assassin’s hand.

The horrible mass shooting Friday in Newtown, Conn., ranks right up there with the most tragic news events in most of our lifetimes: so many people slaughtered, so many of them children. The term “innocent victims” doesn’t begin to describe the incongruity. No one deserves such a fate, but certainly our young tucked away in elementary schools are sacrosanct. Or should be.

We throw around the term “crimes against humanity.” This is. This attack defies any notion of humanity or decency.

Within moments of the attack, people across the nation were mourning openly in social media, and for good reason. It really could’ve been any of us, any of our children. We can only begin to consider the searing pain of their parents and loved ones. We can only imagine the roiling panic and torment in the hearts of parents wondering if their children were among the dead.

Love on your children a little extra today. And pray for those touched by this inexpressible horror.

God help us.


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