Still working for America

Sen. Jim DeMint will now be working as a citizen to save the country

Members of Congress don’t normally leave voluntarily. You can tell from the scratch marks on the door jambs from when they’ve been dragged out kicking and screaming.


It’s not until they’ve been carted all the way out of the Capitol that they suddenly realize they’ve all along been wanting to spend more time with their families. Now, what were those kids’ names again?

Jim DeMint is different. And we always knew he was.

The Republican senator from South Carolina never did get full of himself or overly impressed with the plums and trappings of even that august body. He looks at it as public service. And over time, as he plied his principles without any desire for reward, Jim DeMint became the standard-bearer for conservativism in Congress – for individual liberty, limited government, a balanced budget and humility in office.

The latter quality cannot be overstated in its importance.

The most intransigent problem we face as a nation right now is an entrenched ruling class in Congress that you can’t extract with a crowbar – and which knows it.

They gather up all manner of campaign contributions to feather their nest and to set up permanent shop, and then they borrow from China and your children and grandchildren to satiate the big-spending lobby that fuels their campaigns.

They are spending us to ruin.

Jim DeMint embodies the Spirit of Statesmen Past. He’s the closest thing to a Founding Father we have in Washington. He was always going to limit his stay in the Senate, because he knows that was the intent of our founders – and because he would not allow himself to be corrupted by comfort. This country was meant to be governed by a citizen legislature. Above all else, Jim DeMint is a citizen.

Because of all this, we regret that Sen. DeMint is resigning at the end of the month, but we love why: He’s becoming the president of the esteemed Heritage Foundation – the undisputed standard-bearer of conservative principles outside of the Capitol.

He leaves behind others of like mind – a small but growing band of brothers dedicated to returning this nation to its founding principles of freedom and background governance.

As he notes, it’s clear from this election that conservatives must do more to spread those ideals and convince more Americans they are the path to prosperity.

Jim DeMint is the man for the job.