Bottom Line

We believe wholeheartedly in second chances. But this guy has used his up, and then some.

Jamie Trey Robinson, 37, had been out of prison for a 2008 strong-arm robbery all of 42 days on April 15, 2011, when he robbed one man at gunpoint and carjacked another in a brazen lunchtime crime spree outside Augusta Mall.

The work van he stole sprayed ladders and other tools as Robinson fled sheriff’s deputies, striking three cars in a brief and dangerous escape attempt.

He was caught, and this week was sentenced to 35 years in prison – 20 before parole eligibility – after pleading guilty to most of a 21-count indictment.

As Judge Michael Annis rightly noted, anyone in Robinson’s path could’ve been killed or injured. Thank heaven no one was.

But such random, broad-daylight, could’ve-been-anyone violent crimes shock the senses of a peace-loving community, and cannot be tolerated.

Nor, it seems, can this man’s liberty. He didn’t get enough prison time to suit us.


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