Build beyond hatred

Lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace requires more than U.N. vote

The Palestinian one seems a rather bizarre route to statehood: Wage war on your neighbor until the United Nations chooses to reward such behavior with “non-member state” status, as it did this week.


If this is the pathway to a true and lasting peace, so be it and all to the good. But it will take more than a U.N. vote to make Palestine a nation, much less a “non-member” or neighbor worthy of embracing.

It will require something other than abject hatred of one’s neighbor, for instance.

The truth is, Palestine would likely have existed long ago had the Palestinians been led by people who were more interested in their welfare than in harming the welfare of Israel. Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, is recognized by the United States and many other nations as a terrorist organization. It has never entertained the notion of recognizing Israel’s right to exist, and has been fighting a proxy war (likely on behalf of Iran) with Israel for years.

Even Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, head of the supposedly moderate West Bank family of Palestinians, took the opportunity of the vote to denounce Israel for “war crimes” – for, one is left to think, defending itself against the terrorists of Hamas.

To give an idea of the breadth of this conflict, and its flavor, consider that former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir said, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us” – and she died way back in 1978.

What she said those many tears ago holds true today. A nation cannot be built on hatred alone.

We do hope the events of this week can somehow lead to peace. We encourage the Obama administration to see to it, to the extent possible.

Our fear, though, is that the U.N. resolution will only embolden the haters – those Palestinian leaders, particularly in Gaza, who have yet to see the beauty and hope – and the concordant despair – of Golda Meir’s prophecy.



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