Scouts' honor

Don't impose politically correct conformity on proud youth organization

Conventional wisdom – which is often neither of those things – has it that social conservatives are intolerant.


But it’s the politically correct crowd that today is increasingly seeking to punish those with traditional values.

They tried to hurt Chick-fil-A financially when one of its senior officers merely stood up for man-woman marriage in an interview. Some big-city officials even tried to assert that the restaurant would be banned from their towns – even while they welcomed many other businesses, churches and other institutions that also believe in traditional marriage.

Of course, the attempt to injure a good and civic-minded family business backfired; it only inspired more people to eat there.

Now shipping company UPS’s philanthropic arm has decided to stop giving to the Boy Scouts of America because of the youth organization’s ban on gay Scout leaders.

In other words, if your organization doesn’t conform to my organization’s view of what social policy should be, you’re off the island.

How sad for America and its youth. Now, organizations that don’t conform to politically correct doctrines are being shunned.

By extension, organizations that adhere to traditional principles are being expected to change those ideals in order to be socially acceptable. The message is, you can believe whatever you like – as long as you believe what we believe.

Companies are obviously free to associate with whomever they see fit.

Upstanding organizations such as the Boy Scouts no longer have that right, apparently.

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