Let's hold it together

In the wake of a disappointing election, conservatives must work for good of country

Flags are being flown upside down as a sign of distress. Petitions for secession are circulating the states. Friends are being discarded on Facebook and, perhaps, in person. And in other ways, concerned conservatives are showing their despair in the wake of President Obama’s re-election.


One question for our conservative friends: How are such actions going to make things better?

Fact is, they’ll only alienate our moderate and liberal friends – and perhaps hurt the very country we all love so much.

Speaking as conservatives ourselves, this page can tell you that our liberal friends don’t understand the depth and the root of our angst. Many of them think it’s just sour grapes because “our guy” didn’t win.

That’s not the way conservatives see it at all. We see the country being weakened by failed fiscal policies, bowed by overregulation, and beset by an overbearing philosophy of government that runs entirely counter to American ideals.

We’ve had more than one area conservative tell us they’re sick about the election and can’t watch the news right now. Not because “their guy” didn’t win, but because the country may have lost.

Indeed, increasing numbers of businesses across the country – finally faced with the inevitability of “Obamacare” – are either laying people off or converting full-time employees to part-time to avoid the crushing costs of the health care law.

This isn’t sour grapes. This is tantamount to seeing a loved one dying – while the doctors seem intent on accelerating the end.

Still, let’s hold it together, folks.

Petitions from nearly every state are seeking peaceful secession from the Union. We asked one Augusta conservative what he thought of the burgeon

ing secession movement. “It can’t ‘burgeon’ quick enough,” he quipped, only half-jokingly.

We understand the sentiment – the sight of seeing the Constitution wither before our eyes. But jumping to talk of secession? Really?

No. 1, be careful what you wish for. It’s inviting a cataclysm. History alone tells you that.

No. 2, the goal of conservatives right now ought to be to convince others of the wisdom of traditional American principles of liberty, responsibility, self reliance and small government, and the effectiveness of following them. (We used to be able to depend on schools to teach that.) How will disrespecting the president or the country or each other advance the cause?

Barack Obama is the president, and will be in January as well. Every American’s obligation now is to respect that fact and to work within the framework our founders provided to make the country the best it can be.

That doesn’t mean the laying down of intellectual arms. Conservatives can still fight the good fight, and must. But the election means that they must do so as the loyal opposition.

Unfortunately, they might also have to fight the good fight under deteriorating conditions. If conservatives are right, then this president’s policies will make things much worse before they get much better. With any luck, those who have supported the president to this point will be more persuadable with time that they have made a huge mistake.

Rather than take their marbles and go home, conservatives should be prepared to make their case again and again for freedom and free markets and individual responsibility and more.

And with the deck stacked in Washington, it may be in state capitals where the real action is. It’s not at all unpatriotic,
for example, to talk about and strive for states’ rights. It just so happens to be spelled out in the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.

Let’s keep it together and continue working to build a consensus for a stronger, more united United States.