Just minding their business

Health care law already taking a toll on jobs, paychecks

Obama loyalists want to boycott and blame several national businesses for being among the first to publicly admit the truth – that Obamacare is going to result in fewer jobs and smaller paychecks.


Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter inspired calls for retaliation when he merely predicted cutbacks in employee hours in order to pay for the federal health care mandates.

Under the law, companies that employee 50 or more will have to provide insurance for those working more than 30 hours, or pay fines.

A major Applebee’s franchise owner also incurred the wrath of some by agreeing with Schnatter that the work force will shrink due to the health care law, under the “best case.”

If folks want to harm businesses that are forced to cut back on pay due to the health care law mandates, they may have to eat at home – and grow their food themselves. The list of companies looking at cutbacks is long and growing.

“This is just the start,” argues Washington Times columnist Dr. Milton R. Wolf. “The labyrinth of new Obamacare regulations will kill businesses. The 2,700-page law has already generated tens of thousands of pages of regulations, and it’s growing. Here’s one example: The president’s crackerjack bureaucrats required an impressive 18 pages just to define what a full-time employee is.”

And according to Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf’s 2011 testimony to Congress, the health care law will reduce the workforce by 800,000 when people realize they don’t have to work to qualify for health care insurance.

Moreover, any business employing just over 50 people will be tempted or perhaps required financially to lay off employees to get below 50 – and those just under 50 will be less likely to hire over that amount.

The Applebee’s franchisee predicted layoffs, hiring cuts and fewer restaurants built as a result of the health care law.

Says one article: “Other reports of layoffs include Vestas, a wind company that will cut 3,700 employees by the end of 2012 and 3,000 by the end of 2013, Cigna health insurance (1,300), TE Connectivity (620), Energizer Holdings (1,500, 10 percent of it workforce), Turbocare (220), U.S. Cellular (640), First Energy (400 by 2016) ...”

The list will no doubt grow. Let’s not blame them. They’re just minding their own business.

Just as folks had a Chick-fil-A day, a group is promoting National Papa John’s Appreciation Day on Friday.

Blaming the companies for doing what they must to survive the health care law is not only going to be more and more difficult, but more and more foolish.



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