The Hope of Audacity

Obama administration may see a mandate to keep stonewalling

Voters didn’t just opt for gridlock in Washington last Tuesday, sending many of the same players back to continue battle.


They also approved of stonewalling.

In returning President Obama to office, voters sent a message that they don’t care about the Benghazi scandal in which four Americans died after the Obama administration failed utterly to either protect them in advance or come to their aid during the seven-hour assault on our Libyan embassy.

Then, in the weeks following the attacks – carried out conspicuously on Sept. 11 – the administration put forth a bogus cover story: that the murderous assault that killed our ambassador and three others was an outgrowth of a citizen protest in Benghazi over an anti-Muhammad video on the Internet.

The truth, as we now know and the administration has had to confess, is that there was never any protest to begin with – and that the administration knew very quickly that it was, in fact, a premeditated, al-Qaida-style attack.

Why the lies? Who issued the orders for top administration officials to lie through their teeth about the nature of the assault? Why the lax security? Why did the administration refuse repeated requests for security at the embassy? Why didn’t the administration move quickly to respond to the assault and perhaps save our people?

Some of us wanted to get to the bottom of these matters before the election. But with the help of an oddly indifferent news media, the Obama administration managed to kick the can past the election.

Now, emboldened by the voters’ stamp of approval on stonewalling, it appears the administration will be just as
brazen if not more so in its attempts to sweep the Benghazi scandal under the rug: Due to his sex scandal – which was months in the making but which conveniently broke just days after the election and before the hearing – former CIA director David Petraeus was declared unavailable to testify at a congressional inquiry into Benghazi this week. And Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – whose agency failed to protect our people in Libya and who, herself, was a major perpetrator of the “protest” hoax – has been said, conveniently enough, to be traveling.

As if the deaths of four people under her care aren’t important enough to change her travel plans.

Did administration officials think they could just make stuff up about a protest over a video – while seeing to it that the video’s producer was imprisoned – and that they’d never be found out?

Or did they just figure the American people wouldn’t care about being lied to in such a baldfaced way?

On that latter count, they may have figured correctly.

Call it the Hope of Audacity.