Bottom Line: Lee Anderson's campaign

It’s no secret that Georgia’s 12th Congressional District was drawn to favor Republicans. When Democrats held the legislature, it was drawn to help them too.


But even with the ball teed up for him, local Republican political veteran Lee Anderson whiffed, losing to incumbent Democrat John Barrow 54-46 percent.

Incumbent congressmen are nearly impossible to dislodge with a crowbar, but the national Republican Party thought this was a possible pickup last Tuesday. And it was.

Clearly, the inarticulate Anderson’s strategy of laying low – not debating Barrow and, worse, not making himself available to say much more than “hello” to the media – crippled his campaign and torpedoed his image.

“Lee Anderson ran the worst campaign of all time,” one normally soft-spoken political observer told us.

Yup. Political science teachers may want to use it as a textbook example of what not to do to be elected. Even sympathetic voters were turned off by Anderson’s unavailability to explain himself or his agenda.

Americans have always expected accessibility, but never more than in this technological age. Who fashioned this campaign? Samuel Morse?



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