Bottom Line: Sandy's aftermath

It’s interesting that 68 percent of Americans approved of President Obama’s handling of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath. Based on what? A photo-op with the Republican governor of New Jersey?

The truth is, the government’s response has been wholly underwhelming, akin to a cold-weather Katrina. Sometimes angry, sometimes tearful pleas have been seen from residents suffering for more than a week from cold, lack of fuel, water and food shortages, housing and transportation dilemmas and otherwise chaotic conditions.

By saying all the right things and being seen spending a few hours at the scene – before jetting off to campaign – Obama got a bounce in the polls in the days leading up to the election. Only history will tell whether all the love was warranted.

We just don’t see the evidence that it is.



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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