Richmond County Sheriff: Freddie Sanders

Freddie Sanders has an extensive résumé in both law enforcement and the courts. He has a lifelong dedication to justice, public safety and to the community he was born and educated in.


And he has one other thing no other candidate for sheriff here could boast: the respect and closest possible friendship with retiring legendary Richmond County Sheriff Ronnie Strength.

So, while Strength officially endorsed Sanders for sheriff in August, the unofficial endorsement has been their decades-long friendship – a bond made as dedicated co-workers in the sheriff’s office years ago, where their fathers also worked. While working together, Sanders and Strength also found common cause in exposing a corrupt sheriff who later went to prison after they stood up to him.

“We went together” to the FBI to report the corruption, Strength says. “I know (Sanders’) character. I don’t know anything Freddie Sanders would not do for anybody.”

Sanders’ firefighting career, which he began as a volunteer in high school, was cut short when he was seriously injured in an explosion. He ended up on a law enforcement track, where he served the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office in road patrol, narcotics, violent crimes and more, and the

Richmond County Police Department, where he was police chief until the position was eliminated. He ended up carving out one of this area’s most illustrious legal careers at Capers, Dunbar, Sanders & Bellotti.

By experience, record, demeanor, character – and by the company he keeps – we believe Freddie Sanders is head and shoulders the most qualified sheriff’s candidate on the Richmond County ballot Tuesday.

We respectfully ask you to vote for Freddie Sanders for sheriff.


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