Augusta Commission: Matt Aitken, Harold Jones

Put these two races in the category of the “easy button”: Re-electing Matt Aitken for District 1 and electing Harold Jones in District 9 of the Augusta Commission.


District 1, which includes much of downtown, requires a commissioner who is able to work with diverse constituencies and interests toward common goals. On that front, Matt Aitken is a beacon of unity and an island of calm in a tempest. He is accessible, and one can sense his ears are connected directly to his heart.

When others might paralyze the city with doubt or disagreement, Matt Aitken is a steady vote for progress. Nor can anyone legitimately

question his motives: While some in politics get caught up in game-playing, racial machinations or personal ambition, Aitken will have none of it. He’s clearly in this to lend a hand, with which he also juggles a young family and career, as well as a prison ministry born of being born again after a wayward youth.

The Augusta Commission can get past its nagging divisions and historic propensity for needless conflict – but only if we have more people like Matt Aitken there. We urge District 1 voters to keep him there.

Harold Jones II is another easy choice in District 9.

Many will remember Jones as the first black Solicitor-General in the Augusta Judicial Circuit. We know Jones as an intense, earnest but affable gentleman who absorbed an impressive work ethic from his military father. And we love Jones’ stated emphasis on jobs, business development and infrastructure for District 9 and all of Augusta.

It is the 43-year-old Jones’ time, and time for more of his generation to assume power in Augusta.

In contrast, his opponent, Marion Williams, represents a bygone era of bitter divisiveness and constant loggerheads that made the Augusta Commission infamous statewide. Why would anyone desire a return to those days?

As one national candidate’s slogan this year says, let’s move forward. Let’s elect Harold Jones II to the Augusta Commission’s District 9.



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