Augusta Circuit District Attorney: Ashley Wright

No function of government is as important as keeping us safe from those who would harm us. And no government position is more instrumental in that task than that of district attorney, the person responsible for the prosecution of this area’s most dangerous criminals.


The three-county Augusta Judicial Circuit has long been blessed with two of the best district attorneys in Georgia: Danny Craig from 1993 to 2008, and since then Ashley Wright.

We guarantee you, this area has no public official as hardworking or as capable in her job as Ashley Wright. We’d be just nuts to do any

thing but re-elect her on Tuesday. But you can do so with utter delight and confidence. We’re lucky to have her.

Ms. Wright is one of the finest prosecuting attorneys we’ve been privileged to know.

She has over 80 felony trials to her credit, including this community’s most infamous and heinous criminal, serial killer and rapist Reinaldo Rivera.

Citizens called to grand jury service see her expertise firsthand. But Wright’s acclaim stretches statewide: Gov. Nathan Deal selected her to be on the state’s Judicial Nominating Committee, which helps select judicial appointments. And she was made vice president of the District Attorneys’ Association of Georgia.

In her spare time, she’s been an adjunct professor of English at Georgia Military College and has taught prosecutors, law enforcement officers and rape crisis volunteers.

Retaining Ashley Wright as district attorney is the easiest decision you will make on Tuesday – but among the most important. If Wright isn’t making a lot of splashy headlines, it’s because she’s too busy doing her job, and doing it superbly. She’s not in it for ego or to draw attention to herself.

That’s OK; we’ll do it for her.

Help protect Augusta. Please vote for Ashley Wright for a much-deserved re-election as district attorney.



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