Just who needs to be monitored?

Electioneering shenanigans appear one-sided

It’s certainly rich with hypocrisy and absurdity: Liberal groups have invited international observers to police America’s election for nonexistent signs of “suppression” of minority votes next week.


Meanwhile, liberal Democrats have done their best to suppress voting by our men and women in uniform overseas – and to fight any effort to protect the integrity of the U.S. voting system with such things as photo ID.

And, indeed, the son of Democratic congressman James Moran of Virginia was caught on hidden camera recently encouraging and instructing someone in the finer points of committing voter fraud. He resigned his father’s campaign in disgrace.

And in several places in America, electronic voting machines have mysteriously substituted Democrat Barack Obama’s name when people tried to cast ballots for Republican Mitt Romney. How many such instances of vote-stealing occurred without being noticed?

Apparently it’s the Democrats who need to be monitored.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican, caused a furor last week when he warned observers from the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe to stay 100 feet away from voting precincts in that state or face prosecution.

Abbott’s decorum in the exchange may have been less than desirable, but his right to protect the integrity of voting places is unassailable. Moreover, it’s a bit of an insult to be told that your election system is so untrustworthy that you need international observers. We don’t blame Texas, or any other state, for getting its back up.

Having said that, you have to wonder: If our foreign friends are trying to get tips on how to do elections right, this may not be the time and place to learn anything constructive. Since New Black Panthers were seen trying to intimidate voters outside a precinct in Philadelphia, and Democrats have fought voter ID tooth and nail, maybe the integrity of the nation’s voting system needs to be questioned.

Just not for the reasons the Democrats would like.



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