Is this the country we want?

In this presidential election, you vote for nation's rise or decline

Sometimes, even after a 162-game schedule, Major League Baseball still needs a one-game playoff to decide who plays in the postseason.


This presidential season appears to be just as close, even after a couple years of electioneering. Two weeks out, the election is simply too close to call – which is amazing, considering the stark differences between the candidates and the state of the incumbent administration.

The one thing we do know is that Americans will get the kind of country we deserve, for good or ill.

We’ll get either capitalism or collectivism; states’ rights or federal edicts; self-reliance or serfdom; pride in oneself or envy of others; American preeminence or decline; American exceptionalism or excuses.

This is the choice we are making in this election.

Americans also will be deciding whether it’s important how our tax money is used; whether we’re told the truth or are lied to; and whether there is any honor left in the office of the presidency.

Let’s start with the latter point.

After sadly diminishing the office with a campaign resting completely on fear, loathing, character assassination and sarcasm and ridicule, Barack Obama now has been quoted in a major national publication as saying that even a 6-year-old can tell “the other guy” is a liar. Except that, instead of “liar,” he used a profane colloquialism we’ll represent as “b---------r.”

Nice. Yet another degrading of the office, Mr. President.

One would think lying also debases the office of president, and it’s now clear the White House has lied repeatedly about the cause of the attack on our embassy in Libya Sept. 11. E-mail records – and now a newly-released interview with the president himself from the day after the attack – makes it clear the White House suspected or knew full well that the Benghazi assault was a planned and coordinated terrorist act. Yet, the administration concocted a story that the murder of four Americans was the result of a protest against an anti-Muslim Internet video. They perpetrated that hoax for days on end.

They now have to admit that there wasn’t even any protest to begin with.

Do Americans think it’s even important to be told the truth by our leaders? Or will we reward the lying with a second term?

As for our tax money:

This biggest-spending-president-ever’s constant refrain is that the government doesn’t have enough money – and it’s a claim the “mainstream” media allow to go unchallenged.

All evidence to the contrary. The federal government has spent ever-more amounts of money, with no positive impact on the economy – and arguably a deleterious effect. Meanwhile, this president has blown hundreds and hundreds of millions of our dollars in failed “green energy” ventures such as Solyndra – and, more recently, A123 Systems.

“Another failed piece of the Obama administration’s renewable energy plan – Massachusetts battery-maker A123 Systems, which just filed for bankruptcy ...” writes the Christian Science Monitor.

So the leader of a most-wasteful government can only chant for more money, all the while burdening young and future generations with trillions in debt.

The question becomes: Is that the kind of country we want?

And how is it even possible the decision is this hard?


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