Heaping on the hate

Liberals abandon decency in heightened political attacks

Political disagreements should be kept out of the classroom, the school bus and the gutter.


But there have been several recent troubling incidents of liberal hatred toward Mitt Romney supporters – with even schoolchildren being among the victims.

Recall that black actress Stacey Dash was attacked mercilessly, and in racist ways, for her recent “tweet” supporting Republican presidential nominee Romney.

Likewise, Friday Night Lights author and journalist Buzz Bissinger, who calls himself a lifelong Democrat, says he was verbally assaulted in the most profane manner after he said in an article on left-wing website The Daily Beast that he’s getting more conservative with age and that he likes Romney.

“It wasn’t just, you know, ‘I disagree with you.’ It was the f-word, it was ‘you’re a baby killer,’” he said on CNN.

The poisonous malice directed at him prompted him to joke to CNN that he should be in the federal Witness Protection Program. The thing is, it’s no joke. It’s a troubling trend of open hatred being directed at people espousing conservative views.

Consider what two children have had to endure recently.

In Philadelphia, geometry teacher Lynette Gaymon publicly mocked and humiliated 16-year-old Samantha Pawlucy for her Romney T-shirt. Since word spread of the teacher’s offensive behavior, both teacher and student have received threats and insults, and both were unable to return to school.

In New Berlin, Wis., a school bus driver told a 12-year-old boy he should have been aborted because of a Romney sign in his yard. The driver has been fired – but not before the boy was no doubt traumatized.

In Evans, three people were arrested after vandalizing Romney/Ryan signs connected to Lee Anderson for Congress signs. The three were already in custody for spray-painting at a local business, but the sign vandalism has all the earmarks of political motivations.

No one feels more passionately about this election than The Augusta Chronicle. But when passion mutates into poison, that’s completely out of line, utterly outside the American spirit of freedom of speech and the peaceful transfer of power, and should not be tolerated even by those espousing the same views as the offenders.

Especially where children are concerned.

Have some decency, folks.


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