The unvarnished truth

Cal Thomas will tell it like it is at Care Pregnancy Center banquet

Cal Thomas hadn’t thought much about abortion.


“It wasn’t on my radar as something I should be concerned about,” he says.

But then, in January 1973, while working for NBC News, he was forced to confront the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion. Like Norma McCorvey herself – the famous “Jane Roe” plaintiff in the case, who later renounced abortion – Thomas grew in faith and decided God is the author of life and that his creations should be honored.

Since then, Thomas, a nationally syndicated columnist whose writings appear on this page, has been one of the most articulate and ardent supporters of life. He’s been speaking on behalf of Care Pregnancy Centers – which offer comprehensive and compassionate crisis pregnancy services – for some 30 years.

He brings that message to Augusta on Thursday night as the keynote speaker at the Augusta Care Pregnancy Center Fall Banquet at the downtown Augusta Marriott.

In a phone interview, Thomas said that in his Care Pregnancy Center talks he has met the most wonderful, brave and committed women he’s ever encountered, many of whom attend with the children they chose not to abort.

“It’s an incredibly emotional thing, and I’ve never heard any of them regret their decision,” he said.

In contrast, he noted, those who’ve aborted express regrets about not having more information beforehand.

Such information, similar to that required before any surgery – or car purchase, for that matter – isn’t too much to ask and infringes on no one’s rights, Thomas maintains.

One problem is that the sex, abortion and entertainment industries make millions off the lifestyles they purvey and glorify, Thomas says.

The public dialogue doesn’t help, either, with the liberal media hyping the issue of rape, for instance. The truth: rape accounts for less than 1 percent of all abortions. And even in those cases, the child is no less innocent.

Sadly, though, the facts surrounding abortion – all of which support the life of the innocent – aren’t the issue for many people.

“In our culture, it’s about pleasure without consequences,” he said.

Thomas will share the unvarnished truth with about 580 diners Thursday night. Limited tickets are available by calling Emily at Augusta CPC, (706) 724-5531.



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