Drawing the line somewhere

Netanyahu's crucial message obscured by media trivialities

Can you imagine a world leader warning us in the 1930s about the massing threat of Hitler’s Nazis – and the media at the time merely chuckling it off because of the chart the leader used to warn us?


That’s the reality today, folks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the only world leader acting like an adult when it comes to the peril percolating from Tehran, gave a landmark, historic, vitally important speech to the United Nations recently on Iran’s growing nuclear weapons threat. And yet, all the media wanted to talk about was what they considered to be a cartoonish “bomb” graphic he used to illustrate the Iranian pursuit of a nuclear weapon.

Really? Is humanity that easily distracted from momentous moments such as this? Whether the graphic was effective?

Good grief.

The Obama administration says a nuclear-armed Iran is unacceptable. But in putting up even an unsophisticated drawing at the United Nations, Mr. Netanyahu appears to have done more about the problem than the current U.S. administration.

At least Netanyahu’s stunt got the world talking about the impending point of no return in Iran. What has this American president done?

The prime minister explained that his point was exactly that – to get the world’s attention.

It worked.

“Hundreds of millions of people saw it and understand now what they perhaps did not understand beforehand – what it means to stop Iran, at what phase and what stage of its nuclearization,” he said in an interview over the weekend. “The red line needs to be before Iran finishes the second stage of enriching the material it needs for an atomic bomb.”

The world cannot one day say it did not know. Benjamin Netanyahu spelled it out for us in red: Now is the time to peacefully prevent the nuclearization of Iran. Afterward is too late. Afterward, it’s quite possible to have a nuclear conflagration in the Mideast. And with the regime in Tehran considering the United States to be the Great Satan, what’s to stop them from attempting to use a nuclear weapon here?

Shame on the media for making Benjamin Netanyahu or his graphics the issue.



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