A manufactured 'right'

Sandra Fluke represents another red-herring election distraction

With the economy stalled and the “hope” posters fading on the bedroom walls, Democrats have tried to make this election about anything and everything else. Mitt Romney’s taxes. Mitt Romney’s (considerable) business experience. Mitt Romney’s dog.


But the most inane, laughable red herring is the narrative that taxpayers somehow owe women free contraceptives – and if we don’t provide them, there’s a “war on women.”

This seemed to Democrats to be such a promising hoax that they elevated a frustrated 30-something law student, Sandra Fluke, not only to the level of congressional testimony but to a prime-time national convention speech normally accorded to the likes of governors and senators. The president of the United States even took time to call her on the phone at one point this year.

It tells you plenty about the state of this Union when a major party does something like that – and most of the media don’t bat an eye, except in admiration.

Before we replace Susan B. Anthony’s statue with Sandra Fluke’s, though, let’s get some perspective here.

This woman is not fighting for some civil right such as suffrage. She’s touting a wholly new and imaginary government obligation to finance her sex life with free contraceptives.

Now, America is the land of the free, certainly, and Ms. Fluke and those like her are free to live any which way is legal, whatever the hazards. It’s the legacy of the “free love” generation, one supposes. But let’s be clear about this: There is no constitutional or civil right to “free sex.”

Moreover, requiring that tax money be taken from one person and given to another for such use is, itself, highly immoral and offensive.

Just understand that, no matter what you see coming from the Democratic Party, you have no obligation to pay for someone else’s consequence-free sex. Fact is, you have a good argument against your money and you being treated that way.

That a major American political party is postulating such a bogus “civil right,” and the media and large swaths of the public are buying it, says much about the likely future course of this country.

Nothing good, however.



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