Syria's most vulnerable

Bloody civil war cries out for united, international action

The looks on their faces will tear your heart out.


Syria’s children are being abducted, jailed and tortured under the monstrous regime of President Bashar al-Assad, in an 18-month civil war that is ripping his country apart.

To coincide with Tuesday’s start of the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, a report by the British charity Save the Children paints a horrifying picture of Syria’s most vulnerable.

Thousands of children have been killed. Untold thousands more have been traumatized.

The name of the report is “Untold Atrocities.” Today, they’re being told – in the words of innocent children brutalized by war.

“They used different ways to kill people – electric shocks, throwing machinery and cement blocks on people’s heads,” said Mohamad, 15.

“Once, when I was in the shelter, I was so scared I had a fit,” said Amani, 13. “My sister told me it was a nervous breakdown.”

“In my sleep, my friends tell me that I shout for my mother and sometimes scream, ‘Leave me alone! Leave me alone!’ ” said 17-year-old Farah.

“This 6-year-old boy was tortured more than anyone else in that room,” said 16-year-old Wael, recalling a child who had been starved and beaten regularly for three days before he died. “They treated his body as though he was a dog.”

Of all the face-to-face interviews conducted by Save the Children staff, nearly every child reported seeing one of their relatives killed.

Incredibly, Syria is not officially on the United Nations’ agenda this time around. Why on Earth not? It’s arguably the deadliest armed conflict boiling over in the world today. And there’s no way that such an elephant in the room will escape being the topic of heated U.N. conversation on every diplomatic tier.

The United Nations has posted a miserable record so far against the carnage in Syria. With Russia and China standing in the way of any meaningful action against the blood-soaked Assad regime, the U.N.’s credibility has shrunk to a size that’s measurable only with the aid of an electron microscope.

It’s more crucial now than ever for the world to stand with Syria, and against the savagery that Assad is unleashing on his own people. Every peace-loving nation on the planet should band together to grab the United Nations by the lapels and shake it into real action.

“The children in Syria need help,” said 14-year-old Hassan in the Save the Children report. “They need help because they are being tortured, shelled, shot at. They take children and put them in front of them. They create a human shield of children. They know that the people in the town will not shoot their own children.”


Shut down this gutless dictator.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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