Reluctant reporting

Some media seemed far too willing to ignore ICE sex scandal

If we were living under a Republican administration, the unbelievable sex scandal at Homeland Security would top most newscasts – and the person behind it would be a household name.


As it is, Suzanne Barr, Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief of staff, slunk away quietly, with nary a word from the media until the bitter end – especially from liberal outlets such as CNN, which tried its best to ignore the scandal completely until Barr’s unsightly resignation.

It had become simply unbearable, apparently: Barr is accused by several employees of harassing males so blatantly and publicly that her rule is being described as a “frat house.” At least one man has filed a sexual discrimination and retaliation lawsuit, while several others confirm the characterizations of Barr.

The allegations against her include making embarrassing remarks about a male subordinate’s private parts at an office party and offering to perform sex acts on several male subordinates at other times.

The scandal is all the more embarrassing due to the fact that Barr is no low-level worker; she’s not only chief of staff, but a longtime aide to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Barr denies the allegations as “unfounded,” but said she’s resigning to end the distraction for her former department. It won’t, of course: There’s the lawsuit, and Congress will, and should, investigate. Homeland Security also is investigating.

But some news media were awfully late to this party. And the significance of the story – alleged blatant sexual harassment by a top employee at ICE, and a woman to boot – only makes the reluctant reporting more peculiar.

But that’s not even the biggest ICE scandal the news media are largely ignoring.

The agency has been found to have lied about the number of illegal aliens it has deported – to make it appear as if President Obama is tougher on illegal immigration than his predecessors.

ICE has claimed that its deportations are up over the Bush administration’s, but the House Judiciary Committee has uncovered internal documents indicating that deportations actually are down 20 percent.

The committee says ICE essentially is double-counting many illegals, by including in the total number those illegal aliens who simply are transferred from one Border Patrol sector to another before final deportation. Such people end up being counted twice for deportation.

In addition, the committee simply could not confirm the existence of some 40,000 illegals that ICE claims to have deported in its 2012 statistics.

In short, dear citizen, it appears for all the world as if your federal government is flat lying to you about its activities vis-a-vis protecting our border.

If only there were some sexual harassment involved. Maybe then the deportation scandal would get at least a modicum of attention.



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