The Arab Offspring

Blind, senseless, violent rage is the misbegotten son of hatred

Rage never makes sense. Ever. It’s not rational. It’s destructive and wins no one over, and is therefore wholly counterproductive. And it almost always hurts the one enraged as much or more than anyone.


Rage, of course, is the spawn of hatred, and the Mideast is rife with its misbegotten offspring.

America is just the most convenient target at the moment. This isn’t about us. If it weren’t us, it’d be someone or something else. The insanity you see on naked display in the Arab world today is quite indigenous. It sprouts from centuries of
hatred – of other religions, of other tribes, of other ethnicities, of women, of animals, of individual freedom, of free speech, of hard truths, of anybody else having a good time – you name it, they hate it.

How could Allah deign to approve of such hatred and violence by the people who worship him?

These people are so out of synch with the eternal, and so consumed with the infernal, that they’re breathing their fire in an alternate universe. God is love; these people represent the precise opposite.

Arab spring? What a joke! It’s the Arab dead of winter.

Until the many good people in their midst can take over – and throw off centuries of misogyny and mind control and xenophobia and religious hatred and all-consuming intolerance – then what’s the point of even having an embassy?

The Libyans, in their feral ferment, have just senselessly slaughtered one of their best friends. By all accounts, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens gave as much comfort and aid to the Libyan freedom fighters as humanly possible during their fight against Gadhafi. As President Obama dolefully noted, Stevens helped save Libya.

But this is the toxic fog of delirium one exists in when living in a culture where enmity flows like water and spews more abundantly than oil.

Conflict, violence, suffering and hatred thrive where the desire to control others is the strongest. And nowhere is it stronger than in the Arab Mideast. Between dictators and despots, and the uber-authoritarian religion they hide behind to control their populations, these misguided souls are forging their own chains, and then lashing out at the rest of the world.

The status of women in that part of the world is most telling. Don’t get us started on that. They are, in many cases, chattel.

Throwing off a few dictators appeared, to some observers, like an Arab spring, a renaissance in human freedom. Many participants no doubt felt that in their hearts. And it still may come to pass. In the end, though, it may only have been the usual rage – turned inward for a change – and they may only have traded one tyranny for another.

America, and the West generally, get some things wrong, no doubt. One thing we are iron-clad right about, though, is the right of human beings to speak their minds and be themselves – and that neither words, nor depictions or images, nor our beautifully diverse religions and belief systems, are things to riot and maim and kill and hate over.

It’s truly amazing that so many people in the world don’t get any of that.

And that so many of them happened to end up in one place.



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