These are the experts?

U.S. foreign policy under Obama is a dangerous flop

Barack Obama recently ridiculed the Republican ticket for its lack of foreign policy experience. But Mr. Obama arguably had less when he ran; at least Mitt Romney ran an Olympics.


Nonetheless, gaffe-master Joe Biden was touted in 2008 as the foreign policy expert on the ticket. Enough said.

This administration has been shown again to be altogether feckless in foreign policy in recent days.

Completely at a loss for what this administration’s policy toward Iran’s nuclear ambitions is, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the rare step of expressing his frustrations in public, saying, “The world tells Israel: ‘Wait. There’s still time.’ And I say, ‘Wait for what? Wait until when?’ Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.”

He’s right, of course. And fully within his rights to defend his nation against a regime in Tehran that has pledged to wipe Israel off the map.

Israel used to be able to count on the United States for support and protection. But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday the administration would set no deadlines on Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

And then the Obama administration was said to have refused to let Netanyahu meet with President Obama, claiming the Campaigner-in-Chief was too busy. Wednesday, as Obama made plans to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman, and as he kept plans to campaign in Las Vegas, the administration scrambled to deny and back away from its unbelievable slight of the Israeli leader – at a time of growing tensions in the Mideast.

All this, on top of a report in The Washington Post that the president does not attend his daily intelligence briefing but about 44 percent of the time. You would think that, in a post-9-11 world, national security would be more of a priority than that.

And then, as two U.S. embassies, in Egypt and Libya, were attacked and the American ambassador to Libya slaughtered and his body desecrated, the Obama administration was quick to denounce – what, the violence? Nope. The administration’s first denunciations were of the Muhammad-depicting movie that supposedly is what inflamed the Islamic radicals (though 9-11 may have been the real catalyst).

Isn’t that bit of submission a little like an abused woman apologizing for overcooking dinner? Can this possibly be the strongest nation on Earth?

And, yes, that was an American administration that just tossed free speech overboard to placate the unplacatable.

Moreover, what are we doing stationing an ambassador in the unstable, under-renovation Libya? That’s just nuts.

You have to wonder why Americans are anywhere in the neighborhood anyway. After we helped liberate Libya, this is their hospitality? Let us know when you’re ready to join the civilized world. You know where we’ll be, which is not over there!

You also have to wonder whether the Obama administration’s continued willingness to keep America dependent on Mideast oil figures into some of this. American energy production isn’t what it could be – and despite the president’s boasting to the contrary, production on federal lands is down. And untapped energy offshore and in the barren Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is just sitting there.

All the while, this president has wasted billions on bankrupt Solyndra and other “green energy” ventures run by Democratic crony friends of the Obama administration. And the supposed Government Motors success the president has been touting? GM is said to be losing $49,000 on each electric Chevy Volt it sells.

The bottom line, as the embassy raids illustrate, is that this country’s foreign policy, as with its economy, is in tatters, and dangerously so.

Just ask the Israelis.



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