Abortion, in the extreme

A look at the facts shows which party is more out of the mainstream

Democrats have tried to make abortion an issue in this election, and may in their convention this week.


They think the majority of Americans are pro-choice. They think they can paint Republicans as “extreme” for being pro-life. They apparently think Barack Obama is the very picture of moderation on abortion.


Of course, the truth is not quite as convenient as all that.

For one thing, in the latest Gallup poll on the issue, pro-lifers outnumber pro-choicers 50 to 41 percent. And 86 percent of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in the third

In contrast, many Democrats not only support abortion as Anytime Birth Control – a Get Out of Responsibility Free Card – but partial-birth abortion as well. Partial-birth abortion is an especially late-term procedure in which the baby is delivered up to the head, whereupon the “doctor” proceeds to then suck the brains out of the baby.

So, exactly who is extreme on abortion again?

And guess what: President Obama is even more extreme in favoring abortion than that – despite the fact that most African-Americans oppose it and despite the fact that abortion takes a disproportionate toll on the black population: Nationwide, 35 percent of abortion victims are black, while in big cities the rate is much higher.

Even that isn’t enough for this president.

While a member of the Illinois state Senate, Mr. Obama actually opposed a bill that would protect babies who are accidentally born through botched abortions.

The so-called “Born-Alive Infant Protection Act” requires that medical care and sustenance be given to such babies, who are, after all, still human beings and continue to draw breath despite the abortionist’s best efforts.

A little-known horror story is that some such children have simply been left to die.

Obama claimed in 2008 that he opposed the Illinois bill, which mirrored a federal law, because it didn’t contain a clause expressly protecting the right to an abortion. That claim appears to be false, with reports indicating the Illinois bill, like the federal law, did contain such a clause.

Not even the most virulent pro-abortion organizations opposed the Born Alive bill. But Barack Obama did.

These are unpleasant facts, requiring the most disturbing descriptions, which we take no pleasure in addressing. But we didn’t bring it up. Abortion has been brought up by extremists in the Democratic Party, who believe abortion is every bit the sacrament that they always claimed men would declare it to be if they could get pregnant.

As for Mr. Obama, as a candidate he once promised that the first bill he would sign would be the Freedom of Choice Act, which, one report summarizes, would “remove all restrictions on abortion in state statutes, including restraints on late-term abortions and parental notification laws.”

He broke his promise, but the facts prove that if anyone is an extremist on abortion, Barack Obama is. His extreme position errs mightily on the side of abortion, not the defense of innocent life. And his position is light years out of mainstream America, the vast majority of which opposes his views.

Democrats are apparently prepared to walk over that innocent life to score what they think will be political points this week in Charlotte.

“Democrats are planning an abortion-palooza at their convention,” reports Lila Rose, president of the pro-life nonprofit Live Action, “featuring Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, the United States’ largest abortion provider, and Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL, the nation’s foremost abortion advocacy group.”

Likewise, conservatives shouldn’t be shy about standing up for innocent life.

Editorials such as this one, it should be noted, tend to stand out, and perhaps even shock, because so many media run in fright from the very mention of abortion, and certainly from its dark truths.

How sad. Were more folks willing to confront those truths and boldly speak them, it’s a good bet that even more people would describe themselves as pro-life.

And there would be no question who the real extremists are.



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