For the community you want

Don't miss voting in today's important runoff election

This November’s will be one of the most important elections in modern American history.


Today’s election, though, will be one of the most important in Richmond County’s.

Today is the runoff election that will most likely decide who Augusta’s next sheriff will be.

That office sets the tone for everything else that goes on in this community; nothing gets off the ground or long survives without the peace that security provides. And as blaring as the headlines can be, we’ve been spoiled in this area by a Richmond County Sheriff’s Office that has been superbly run by retiring Sheriff Ronnie Strength.

It’s essential that voters come out again and vote for Capt. Scott Peebles on the Democratic ballot. Even if you’re a Republican, unless you voted on the Republican ballot July 31, you can come out today and vote for Peebles for sheriff. And if you voted for Peebles then, you need to do so again. Even if you didn’t vote at all July 31, or chose a “nonpartisan” ballot that day, you can vote Democratic today.

“Elections don’t get any bigger than this,” Mayor Deke Copenhaver said in a televised endorsement of Peebles. “Choosing the right candidate is a must. Scott Peebles is hands-down the man for the job.”

If you voted on the Republican ballot July 31, you can still vote for Rick W. Allen for Congress, and we urge you to do so.

It’s summer, and this election may not come with a lot of buzz. But it’s one of the most important in memory. And because turnout is expected to be low, in the 20-percent range, your vote will count as much as it ever has.

Please take one minute – that’s about what it will require – to vote today.

Only we can determine the kind of community we want. You can do it today.



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