Vote for your future -- Scott Peebles

As sheriff, Scott Peebles would continue powerful leadership

Primaries. Runoffs. Republican, Democrat and nonpartisan ballots. It can all look complicated and intimidating.


But Tuesday’s runoff election in Richmond County is actually quite simple.

If you voted in either party’s primary July 31, you must stick with that party on Tuesday. But if you either chose a “nonpartisan” ballot or didn’t even vote at all, you can vote Tuesday on either party’s ballot.

And if you can, we urge you to vote on the Democrat ballot – for the sole and overriding purpose of nominating Capt. Scott Peebles for sheriff.

As quiet and unassuming as an August election can appear, we thoroughly believe Tuesday’s runoff race for sheriff is one of, if not the, most important races here in the past decade.

The reasons are also quite simple:

• With a largely ceremonial mayor and a diffuse 10-member Augusta Commission, the Richmond County sheriff may be the most powerful single individual

in the area. Unlike his elected colleagues on boards and commissions, all of his department’s
powers are concentrated in one office.

• Those powers are immense and impactful, too. The sheriff’s office is charged with keeping the peace – which is the No. 1 most important factor in creating the kind of community we want in order to not only survive but thrive.

In many ways, even while working in the background like a powerful computer program you never see, the sheriff’s office sets the tone for life in this city.

• The most important reason to vote in the Democratic runoff Tuesday is because Capt. Peebles towers over the competition.

He simply must win this thing. For our sakes.

A 20-year veteran of the department, since the age of 19, Peebles has been an integral part of the violent crimes and homicide
division, road patrol, the DUI task force, crime suppression team, SWAT team and the hostage
negotiation team, which he
actually started. He’s directed major sting projects “Operation Augusta Ink,” “Operation Fox Hunt” and “Operation Smoke Screen,” which took hundreds of thugs and guns off the streets of this town.

His training and organizational skills are unsurpassed in the department, his civic involvement staggering. His vision for the future, which includes intense neighborhood-to-neighborhood “community policing,” promises a professional and engaged force for years to come under his young, energetic leadership.

As we suggested in endorsing him before the primary, it’s hard to imagine anyone improving on the Richmond County Sheriff Office’s performance under retiring Ronnie Strength’s solid leadership.

We’re here to tell you that Capt. Scott Peebles is the only one in this race with that chance.

Even if you voted for him
July 31, this is no time to be
complacent. There is far too much at stake in this race.

On Tuesday, please come out again, or for the first time, and vote on the Democrat ballot for Scott Peebles.

As simple as it is, it may be the most important thing you do this year for your family and community.



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