The heroes among us

Local business rightly honored men who risked lives to save little girl

Heroes walk among us.



They don’t get ticker-tape parades or trading cards with their pictures on them. They often don’t get any attention or recognition at all. They simply do what they do and then walk among us.

If they’re still able to walk, that is. Heroes, after all, are people who risk their own interests, often their physical safety, to help others in need.

While our often trivial society pays tributes to others we consider “heroes” – athletes, movie stars and such – the real heroes blend into the background.

Not this time. Not in this town.

An Augusta business, Career Personnel, this past week honored two local men for entering a burning house early Aug. 6 to save a 4-year-old girl inside.

Felande Ross, 19, and Miller Jenkins, 22, became aware that while two girls, ages 7 and 9, had escaped the flames at 3620 Meadowgrove Drive, their 4-year-old sister was trapped inside. After rescuing her, Ross continued to enter the home to find their father, until the roof collapsed. His body was found later in what appeared to be the aftermath of a kitchen fire.

Ross easily could’ve died himself – either from smoke inhalation, the collapsing roof or other hazards of a fully engulfed home.

As a token of the entire community’s esteem, really, Career Personnel founder Louise Aronow honored the two men Wednesday with plaques, cash awards and hugs. The company also is working to find the men employment.

Anyone looking for a hero?

Two men honored as heroes for saving girl from burning house


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